Forever Body Transformation (FBT) Workout Review

Is the Forever Body Transformation (FBT) Workout Right for You?



Forever Body Transformation (FBT)


Miki Eberhardt, Tyler Tsujimoto, and Candice Sadler

I haven’t heard of any of the 3 creators of this product. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing but it’s a red flag as I have a huge network of top fitness professionals worldwide. I did some digging into all 3 and didn’t find much (again, not a good sign as none of the 3 creators have published anything of note). From what I can tell:

Miki Eberhardt is an Registered Dietician (RD) and a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Being an RD gives her some credibility as it’s a 4 year program. That being said, not all RD’s are created equal and I would still need to see some published work or credible references before trusting her. The NSCA is a decent personal trainer certification but it really means nothing here. Almost anybody can pass the test and the certification itself means nothing.

Tyler Tsujimoto holds certifications from two certifying bodies, NASM and ACE, in addition to a bachelor degree in fitness and health promotion. I couldn’t find anything about Tyler other than his bio — this is another big red flag. The certifications he holds are introductory level certs and a degree in fitness and health promotion doesn’t mean that he knows anything about developing top-notch workouts. There’s nothing that I could dig up to convince me that Tyler is anything other than a run of the mill trainer. That’s not to say that the workouts aren’t effective, it’s just that they don’t come with much implied credibility.

Candice Sadler
also holds a certification from NASM. I could not find any published work and her bio mentions that she has a group training certification from 24-hr fitness. This certification lacks such credibility that the mere fact that it’s mentioned in her bio leads me to believe she hasn’t done much of note. The workouts she produces might be good, but credibility is a factor.

Why Was it Made?

The Forever Body Transformation group makes all of the common claims with any new fitness program. They claim that they have created the proper combination of fitness, nutrition, and support for long-lasting change.

Main and Accessory Components

Every person going through FBT gets access to their own personal membership area. This is where they can access:

  • A Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) calculator
  • Workouts
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Instructional videos
  • A forum

The Forever Body Transformation has covered everything that should be in a program. How well they cover it is another story. From what I could tell the advice was very simplistic, good for beginners who know nothing about fitness. For those who have even the littlest of knowledge, many of the resources are useless and boring.

The instructional videos show things like: how to read a food label, portion sizes, and other tips and tricks. These are presented using video and are easy to follow along and understand.

The forum is a nice addition. Time will tell how helpful it is.

The workouts that I had access to in my preview of the product were very basic. Sets and reps weren’t even included (I’m assuming they will be in the workout itself). The workouts  weren’t any different than you can get in a fitness magazine and there are no advanced principles being used. The work is done for you and they are laid out nicely, but there’s nothing special about the programming itself.


There will be emails sent out periodically with extra advice, tips, and motivation. The members area has everything you need and more.

Learn more and sign up for the program here ==> Forever Body Transformation (FBT) Program

Who is it Suited For?

This program is definitely for the beginner or somebody who hasn’t exercised in a long time, male or female.

From what I can tell the back end is functional and the members area has everything you need. Beyond that, there’s nothing brilliant about the program — but there doesn’t have to be.

Has the Program Created any Real World Results?

Not that I can tell. It launched January 3, 2013 and I can’t find any word about a beta test.

The creators have taken everything that somebody new to exercise would need to know and packaged it all in one place. Pretty much what you are paying for is the time saved from scanning the internet and finding all of this information yourself. I’m not convinced that the creators are particularly experienced, renowned, or well-known.


The Forever Body Body Transformation (FBT) is priced reasonably at $47. There is also a couple different options to maintain the membership on a monthly basis. For beginners it’s something I’d recommend, if for nothing else than access to the forum.

Sign up for the Forever Body Transformation (FBT) Program by clicking here

Random Thoughts

Buzz words everywhere!

That and huge claims which, combined with trainers and dieticians who have never published anything major, worries me. From what I can tell either Miki, Tyler, or Candice is a very experienced web marketer or they hired somebody to market the program for them. There is nothing special about this program other than it’s back-end functionality. They have taken every day fitness knowledge and made it accessible.

The above may sound negative and in a sense it is.

What I have learned from my 10+ years in the fitness industry training 10,000+hrs, travelling the world speaking, writing two books, and attending loads of conferences is that you don’t need anything fancy.

You need a program that you adhere to and you need the guidance and support to stick with it. The Forever Body Transformation does provide that.

If you’re interested in the program you can pick it up by clicking here ==> Forever Body Transformation

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